Modding Profile (READ)

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Modding Profile (READ)

Post  JackMac on Mon May 17, 2010 3:31 pm

Hello Everybody
This Is Jack Mac From Pug Gameing We Will Be Doing Modded Lobbies Such As 10th Prestige Lobbies And Pug Package,, You Basicaly Get anything you want plus more for £10/$15 Paypal. Message PUG z LoVeDucKz Or xSkx Jacko Mac

I Personaly (xSkx Jacko Mac) Will Be Modding Avatars GamerScores Campaigns, spec ops, basicly anything for just £1 Paypal pal or $2 Paypal. This Will be Using Team Veiwer So You Can Stop Me At Any TIme if you feel unsure. Very Happy

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